Friday, January 24, 2014

Abdullah Elshamy!

Abdullah Elshamy AlJazeera News reporter has been arrested by the Egyptian Government at Rabaa Square after breaking Rabaa Sit-in at 14th August 2014.
Abdullah starts a hunger strike in protest of his continuous detention 4 days ago.

He writes from inside prison :

It's 3 in the morning while everyone in the cell or more precisely "The cemetry" is fast asleep, a breeze of air penetrates the ceiling full of iron rods in a Hurry, 16 of us are lying in an space of 12 meters. By my right and left bags dangle and are narrowly fit to help us live in this place ..

I say life timidly and reluctantly, as there is no life here. Today I complete 160 days of captivity in jail without any charges. Outside there are colleagues who live with consent to be mouthpieces and witnesses to the violation of the freedom of media and agree to it.

I do not regret any day i've stayed in this place, neither have I made any offense against any human being nor participated in the falsification of anyone's consciousness. My attestment to my work is available on the Internet for those who want to see it, I take pride of my work in Al Jazeera network; I will always say it whether I was in the prison or outside of it.

I do not belong to any faction or ideology. I belong to my conscience and my humanity, and I do not take interest in what is been said in the local media about me or my colleagues.
History doesn't forget, we are going strong.

Our freedom will prevail, I and my colleagues, "Mohamed Badr - Muhammad Fahmi - Baher Ghorab - Peter Greste".

We are witnesses of freedom and will always be remebered as that. I know that a prosecutor who's bluntly lost his senses or a judge who works by orders from above will all be forgotten and despised.

I chose to be on hunger strike to send a few messages; one to journalists who choose to falsify the facts and cover up for the violations of freedoms and media, the other to the Egyptian junta that do not mind to die for my freedom. Nothing will restrict my freedom or break my will and dignity.

Published on facebook by his wife, Gehad Khaled. 

Her Account:

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